First Performance provides effective, safe, and clear performance training to develop athletes to the peak of their potential. First Performance provides various experts for youth, amateurs, and professionals athletes. We have a holistic view focusing on physics, movement, and mentality. We focus on the three biggest components to success in whatever you do; movement, strength, and mentality. All our training programs are built around this and are specifically adapted to make your weakness your strength!
We guarantee:


  • Evidence-based training programs that help you build a body that you can be proud of. A body that can perform at its best without having to live in the gym.


  • Explanation of the process; For us, it is important that you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it so that you are not dependent on our help and that you can continue to develop after the program.


  • Adjustments and follow-ups based on your progress. You log your results online and we follow and change the plan according to your progress.


  • Continuous guidance; that ensures that your program always is specific for your goals as we progress towards success.


Feel free to contact us regarding training or any other related topic. We are open to work with all kinds of challenging projects when it comes to training.
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